Management Tools for Performance Improvement
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Case Studies

Highlighting an Exciting Past and Future

The case studies showcase past achievements and share that learning with you. We’re more than happy to discuss the results and their practical implications for you and your situation.

The Transformation for Growth web pages excitingly evidence what happened next with the work from The TRANSFORMATION Project.

The web pages titled ‘International Transformation Projects’ and ‘Transformation Through Time’ indicate the equally exciting next steps.

Case Studies

The TRANSFORMATION Toolsets have been used by a wide variety of organisations. We have supporting case studies giving the evidence of performance improvement – their return on investment (ROI) in terms of the time taken to use the Toolsets and our impact in supporting them with implementation. At this stage, we have two written-up examples of what we have achieved:

Although we have written up our version of the Playgroup Case Study, we also have their version which has creatively been done as a series of pictures telling a story.

For more information on The TRANSFORMATION Case Studies, or to discuss the potential engagement of The TRANSFORMATION Project Team, please contact Dr. Michael JR Butler.

Current Project Partners

Private Sector (UK and International)

  • British Sugar Group
  • European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA)
  • L’Oreal
  • Saudi Aramco
  • South Staffordshire Group IT Services

Public Sector (UK)

  • Birmingham Local Education Partnership (inter agency which work across sectors)
  • ESRC
  • NHS Arden Cluster
  • Warwickshire Police

Third Sector (UK and International)

  • UK and Romanian Roma NGOs