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International Transformation Projects

Idea Origin

This stream of work has had a long history. My work in receptivity for change has been used internationally for many years.

From my international research (post PhD), I have developed the Butler Receptivity for Change Model. The five factor model reveals what potentially makes organisations high performing. An early adopter of the Model was the OECD which analysed six EU governments to explore the management of change produced by the introduction of major reform initiatives intended to transform the administrative culture of the public service to make it more efficient and effective (translated into Chinese).

I have carried on this stream of work by researching Roma social exclusion in Romania (the Economist recently called this the EU's greatest social problem), and a PhD student has passed her viva in October 2014. Lidia Gheorghiu's PhD can be found here. A second former PhD student of mine has applied receptivity for change in Malaysia and the hotel sector. Azni Taha's PhD can be found here. A current PhD student is using receptivity to explore innovation and growth of organisations in the sustainable energy sector in India.

The OECD used this work a second time in a foundation paper which provides the main background documentation for the Conference 'Innovation, Governance, and Reform in Education', being held from 3-5 November 2014 at OECD headquarters in Paris.

Writing Projects (Sample)

Butler, M.J.R. and Gheorghiu, L. (2010). Exploring the Failure to Protect the Rights of the Roma Child in Romania, Public Administration and Development, 30:4, pp 235-246.
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Underpinning transformation and change, whatever the context, including drives for growth, are strategic decision-making processes influenced by our human nature. These deep processes reveal the biological underpinnings of organisational behaviour, investigated through Organisational Cognitive Neuroscience (OCN) (co-founder of the idea).

Hot off the press, read: Butler, M.J.R., O'Broin, L., Senior, C. and Lee, N. (2015). How Organizational Cognitive Neuroscience Can Deepen Understanding of Managerial Decision-making: A Review of the Recent Literature and Future, International Journal of Management Reviews.
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Research Projects

Because of the success of The TRANSFORMATION Project and Transformation for Growth, we have been approached by SMEs in Kenya and Sri Lanka. We are in discussions about seeking appropriate funding and how we can help the SMEs.

Nevertheless, this is an invitation for all potential collaborators to contact me!