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Case Studies

Capturing Learning and Good Practice

In line with our philosophy of Small Medium Enterprise (SME) capacity building for sustainable long term continuous innovation and change, this page is a learning resource.

Two of the most important goals of Transformation for Growth are:

  • To capture the learning and good practice from the implementation of The Growth Pathway and The Transformation Toolkits
  • To disseminate them regionally, nationally and internationally to all organisations, especially Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), given we worked with SMEs for this Project

Together with Durham University’s Policy Research Group, based jointly between St. Chad’s College and Durham University Business School, we have written 21 case studies. 12 of the most successful case studies have, in addition, been succinctly summarised in talking head videos or ‘how to’ guides for transformation. There are 5 longer in-depth videos, and 7 shorter key-message videos.

The case studies are in the following order, all alphabetically listed:

  • 5 longer in-depth videos with written case studies
  • 7 shorter key-message videos with written case studies
  • 9 written case studies

5 Longer In-Depth Videos with Written Case Studies

The Project Lead, Michael, is passionate about the history of design, and how cities transform over long periods of time, both in their commerce and their art and architecture. The videos pay homage to the heritage of Birmingham, UK. The videos do not just capture the learning and good practice from the implementation of The Growth Pathway and The Transformation Toolkits, they also iconographically make connections between Birmingham’s past and current business revolutions through its building facades.

Aidem Digital

Click here to read Aidem Digital’s Case Study

Arrow IT Solutions

Click here to read Arrow IT Solutions’ Case Study

Clarke Associates

Click here to read Clarke Associates’ Case Study

Cloud 9

Click here to read Cloud 9’s Case Study


Click here to read Comtec’s Case Study

Descriptive Information about Case Studies

Business Assists

38 SMEs over an 18 month elapse period


The median year of incorporation of the project participants is 2009.

Headcount – More Micro, Some Spread

<3 14 SMEs
3 – 10 13 SMEs
11 – 25 6 SMEs
Over 25 5 SMEs



Of the 38 SME business assists:

  • 31 were based in the West Midlands Metropolitan Region
  • 5 in Warwickshire
  • 1 in Herefordshire
  • 1 in Worcestershire

Click the map to open a larger interactive map showing the locations of the Transformation for Growth Project Clients.


The sectors were classified according to the clusters used by the Department for Trade and Industry (2009). Of the 38 SME business assists:

  • 16 can be found in the Specialist Business and Professional Services sector
  • 7 in the Information and Communication Technologies sector
  • 4 In the Building Technologies sector
  • 4 in the Transport Technologies sector
  • 3 in the Food and Drink sector
  • 3 in the Screen and New Media for Education and Entertainment sector
  • 1 in the Environmental Technologies sector