Management Tools and SME Growth
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Work Packages

How We Can Help YOU

The TRANSFORMATION Project Team co-ordinates all consultancy activities from Transformation for Growth. Click here for information.

These are the specific ways that ideas from Transformation for Growth can be implemented.

For more information contact Dr. Michael JR Butler.

Entry Level

Toolset application and summary report

  • Internal self-analysis and interpretation based on reading these web pages.

Intermediate Level

Toolset application and detailed report

  • Utilising fully trained facilitators from The TRANSFORMATION Project Team to assist with the internal self-analysis and subsequent interpretation.

Advanced Level

Toolset application, detailed report and change management consulting

  • Engagement of The TRANSFORMATION Project Team as independent consultants to analyse, interpret, report and recommend proposals for a successful project or change implementation. If necessary, The TRANSFORMATION Project Team can provide highly experienced change agents to manage the project or change through the final two phases of Implementation and Completion.